Australian Lash Co was founded in 2023 by CEO/Creator Taylah. 
Taylah has been in the lash industry since 2016.

During Taylah's time as a lash artist, she has built strong connections and met so many amazing likeminded people along her way. Taylah has always spent countless hours and funds, trialling and testing different vendors to ensure she provided her clients with the highest quality products and services.

Taylah was often asked where she sources her amazing products from and if she would consider teaching other aspiring lash artists her techniques. Although Taylah hasn't yet taken the leap into mentoring other aspiring lash artists, she did however decide to take the hard work out for other fellow lash artists and share her top quality supplies, which lead Taylah to creating her own brand.

Australian Lash Co prides ourselves on our quality and ability to truly communicate with our customers on a personal level and get a full understanding of their requirements for their own business.